The Norris Zoo
Hello, we live in southern Ohio. We have Americanas, rooster is a blue wheaton americana. He is a busy guy! We also have full blooded Ee's. They lay brown, pink, green and blue eggs. We have some cochins and some plymouth rocks. All mixes as we haven't got those girls thier own roosters yet. And dozens of mutts we hatched. And of course we have silkys, 2 roos and 4 hens so far. Then of course there is the 5 whiteleg horns, just two weeks old and my one lone appenzeller. More in the bator. We also have 6 white pekins getting ready to lay and 4 call ducks and a few guinies. We are wanting to sell some eggs, as the bators are full and the eggs keep coming! We are offering mixed dozens of everything laid. All free ranged. We can't forget the rest of the zoo...hamsters, rabbits and bunnies, cats and kittens and last but not least the ol faithful dogs!