Lawrence Kansas Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowed12-20 based on square footage of property.
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredNo
Coop RestrictionsSafe coop required, 5' setback from neighboring boundaries. Must provide min. 3 sq. ft. per bird if have run, 10 sq. ft. if no run. Also required: 8
City/Organization Contact nameScarcely used: And another:
Additional InformationARTICLE 5. CHICKENS AND DUCKS 501. KEEPING OF CHICKENS AND DUCKS As used in this section, fowl shall mean those chickens or ducks that may be legally owned within the City. The maximum total number of fowl allowed to be owned or kept on an individual lot is one animal per 500 square feet of lot size, rounded down, but in no event will the total number of fowl on any lot exceed 20. It shall be unlawful to keep roosters within the City. 501. COOPS, ROOSTS, LAYING BOXES 1. In addition to the other requirements of this Chapter that specify standards applicable to the keeping of animals, any person who owns chickens or ducks shall provide a coop or other similar shelter and adequate laying boxes, and roosts for the chickens or ducks. Such shelter shall be screened or walled in a manner that allows the chickens or ducks to be reasonably protected from predators. 2. The coop shall be a minimum of 2 square feet in size per chicken or duck if the birds have a fenced outdoor run, or 10 square feet per chicken or duck if the birds do not have a fenced outdoor run. 3. A minimum of one square foot of laying box space shall be provided for each laying hen. Each laying box will contain adequate clean bedding material such as hay or other similar soft material. 4. One 8 or larger roost is required per chicken. Ducks do not require roosts. 5. Coops shall be constructed in a manner that is consistent with the requirements of the Citys Development Code, Chapter 20 of the City Code. In the event that a coop qualifies as an accessory structure under that code, all requirements regarding placement and setbacks must be met. In no event will any chicken coop be located closer than five feet from any neighboring property line. 6. In the event that a mobile coop is utilized, the coop shall be kept in compliance with all City ordinances that apply to the outdoor storage of property. 7. The coop shall be kept in a clean and sanitary fashion to prevent the accumulation of waste or any other noxious substance or the presence of vermin. Each coop shall, at a minimum, be cleaned at least once a week.
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