Lay Inn Country Club Cottage

By Groovy Chicks · Sep 25, 2014 · ·
  1. Groovy Chicks
    The Lay Inn
    Country Club Cottage

    Ladies don't be jealous (LOL). For our anniversary my hubby built me a coop. The crown jewel is a automatic dusk to dawn door, love it!

    The coop inside is 4'X8' the covered run is 10'X10'. The six nest are located on the outside and have sliders that allow for cleaning them.

    The roost has a poop board below that collects most of the poop. I will keep it coated with horse stall freshener. It drops down on one side to assist with the cleaning. The clean out door located on the back of the coop is three feet from the compost pile. Gotta love that.

    Youtube has been a wealth of information as well as this site for ideas on DIY waters and feeders. We went with the poultry nipples for water with a pipe heater insulated to outside of the bucket. The feeder and water can be accessed from the outside of the run.

    We have 10 pullets four weeks old two each of Rhode Island Reds, Plymouth Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Easter Eggers and Golden wyandottes.

    I love them all almost as much as I love my sweet hubby who humors me for my love of chickens.
    Finished coop

    The window lifts for more ventilation.

    Automatic dusk to dawn door

    Water and Feed fill from outside of run. We think we are predator proof, fingers are crossed.


    Dinner and a show. I think watching chickens is far more entertaining than a fish tank, agree?

    Feeder water from inside of run, stool for little chicks to reach nipples for now

    Close up of the automatic door

    Names of the chicks

    Nest looking in from outside
    View of nest from outside

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  1. Groovy Chicks
    Thanks Brookliner. I will see what I can find I wonder if canvas would work. I have some of that available.
  2. Brookliner
    Beautiful well designed coop. You might want to readdress the foil on the outside of your waterer. The chickens like nothing better than to peck at and eat shiny foil. One way is to leave the foil on and put the bucket into another slightly larger bucket that has had the bottom removed. Then they can't get to
    the foil.
  3. Groovy Chicks
    Trefoil I tell him all the time how blessed I am to have him, 49 years and counting.
    Thanks lovepeeps
  4. lovepeeps
    Beautiful job. I love the chicken name plates. The coop is pretty and looks very functional
  5. Trefoil
    Beautiful coop. Tell your hubby you're almost as lucky to have him as he is you.

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