[FONT=georgia,palatino]My name is Vicky Heaton, I am a 4-H leader in Marion County Florida,
Our club does not specialize in any one project. We have a large amount of interest. I personally enjoy the poultry projects with my own flock of Polish breed and some Red Shoulder Yokohama's. I have these available for my club members to show at the local fair. Last year one of my Polish hens won Grand Champion Contential Breed. I am very proud of that. This was a White Crested Black Polish. My flock consist of White Polish Hen and Rooster, White Crest Blue Hens and Rooster, Splash Hen, Khaki Hen and of course my White Crested Black Hens. I had a much larger flock which consist of Silver Lace, Buff Lace and Golden Lace Polish. But I sold them, because there was too many colors then pens. It was a good choice. I will be putting a large amount of these eggs in the incubator and they should be ready for the next swap meet at Palace feed store. Hopefully I will have a great out come and will keep you posted.