Le Chez Poulet

  1. Bananabread

    It would be an injustice not to give credit to the numerous pages on here that informed my attempt at designing and building a coop for our chickens. I had essentially no building experience prior to starting this project. It was through studying various plans on this website that I was able to develop my own (even learned how to use SketchUp). And more importantly it was through closely looking at the pictures and descriptions that I learned to actually put the coop together. Below is a video of the entire production process along with some how-I-did-it explanations. Feedback and questions welcomed.

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  1. med1pilot
    You may have had no building "experience", but you have some mad building "skills" Your attention to detail is awsome. Nicely done.
  2. JS69135
    Perfect. I think I may try to build this - are their plans that one might purchase?
  3. mizjones
    Totally adorable!!

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