Lean Too Coop

By hoggie1985 · Aug 8, 2012 · ·
  1. hoggie1985
    Built for under $100. Had alot of the stuff laying around. Still need to add paint and shingles.


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  1. hoggie1985
    Thanks alot guys, I feel the same way. It's nothing crazy but it will do the trick for me, with out breaking the bank.
  2. chickoni
    Re-use is green and thrifty. I'm all for that! Save a tree!
  3. UrbanMoshavnik
    Nice way to improvise and use what you already have!
  4. hoggie1985
    Thanks PEI chicken, I have 7 bantam cochins. Only am going to be keeping the females...not to sure which are which yet,lol. Its killing me and my gf, we want to know! We will only be keeping 3 or 4 depending on how many females there are. I posted closer-up pics of them on another thread...check it out.
  5. PEI chicken
    I like your compact design. I see 5 little critters. Hope it will be big enough when they are through growing! Congratulations on your new "chicken hobby farm"!
    Chickens are entertaining to watch and you will love them so close to your back door! It won't be long and they will want to come inside with you; but I dont recommend that!

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