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By leasmom · Jan 11, 2012 · ·
  1. leasmom
    WELCOME!!! My name is Patrice, a single mom to Lea and human mom to Fiesty, the cat. We're urban homesteading in Livonia, MI. We also have 16 wonderful chickens that we are raising in the city. We have 4 RIR's, 2 Black Australops, 2 Red Sex Links, 1 golden sex link, 3 black sex link, 2 white leghorns, 1 barred Rock and 1 white rock.
    We are trying to raise our own food source: eggs, chicken and a garden and we hope to move to where we can have alot more chickens!!! Check out our progress at


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  1. americana-lover
    thats so cool!

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