This is just my second year with chickens. I started last year with hatchery stock. I thought I'd start small and wanted a little variety so I ordered a dozen pullets, 3 each of: SLW, EE, Buff Orps, Black Australorps. Lost a couple so I bought replacements at the feed store. Well, I bought quite a few. Decided I didn't want such a variety so I gave the EE's to my sis-in-law. I now have 8 Buff Orps, 7 Black Australorps, and the 2 original Silver Laced Wyandottes. I fell in love with the look of standard cochins so I bought eggs and hatched 3 lovely girls, 2 blue, 1 black. Later in the year I also added a BA rooster. I tried an order of banties but when the raccoons hit... I sent the survivors to a new home.
With the first signs of Spring, I got the urge to fill my incubator. I orderd a dozen+ Splash Marans, dozen+ Golden Cuckoo Marans and 8+Dark Brahma eggs. Ended up hatching 20 chicks, 19 survived.
Mom lives with us and we decided to try broilers. I knew when they were coming in to the feed store and was able to hand pick my 30. Well, the banties were way too cute and I ended up bringing home 9 of those as well. They have "free chick" days so I bought a bunch of chick starter and 22 free Barred Rocks and RIR's. The BR's and RIR's have since been sold.
Spring fever wasn't done with me quite yet. Somehow I have become absolutely fascinated with Silkies! Have to have some. If I'm going to get some, I want them to be nice, hopefully show quality. No hatchery Silkies for me so I ordered eggs from people with nice stock. Currently there are 30 eggs in the bator and between 4 and 6 dozen more coming.
Heading up to WA this week to see my first chicken show. Yes, I've wandered through the poultry exhibit at the fairs but this will be the first time I've taken it very seriously. Spectator only..... this time.
In addition to the chickens, we have 6 horses, 8 goats, a Yorkie and a JRT. Yup, I have a very tolerant husband.