Lebanon Connecticut Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowed200 depending on property size and coop size based on zoning rules
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredNo
Coop RestrictionsYes, Property Line restrictions apply.
City/Organization Contact namelebanontownhall.org
Additional InformationPG 13 4.2 RA - RURAL AGRICULTURAL RESIDENCE DISTRICT The purpose of the Rural Agricultural (RA) Residence District is to allow for residential development surrounded by open space while at the same time preserving those areas which are capable of supporting agricultural pursuits. It is intended that non-residential non-agricultural uses in the RA Zone be limited to those which are primarily necessary or desirable to serve the residents of Lebanon and are compatible with residential use when located in their midst. (effective 8/25/08) a. Permitted Uses. 1) One 1-family dwelling on minimum 2-acre lot. (a) One 2-family dwelling on minimum 4-acre lot. 2) Agriculture including dairies, the breeding, raising and keeping of cattle, horses, sheep, and other similar animals but specifically excluding kennels except as regulated below; riding stables; truck gardening; greenhouses and forestry operations; poultry provided fewer than 200 birds are housed; poultry operations having more than 200 birds provided the total floor area of all buildings on the lot used in the poultry operation does not exceed 50,000 square feet, the lot area is not less than five acres, all buildings and accessory facilities used in the Lebanon Zoning Regulations as of 8/25/2008 13 poultry operation including those for waste storage and treatment observe a minimum 100 foot setback from all property lines, and the total floor area of all buildings used in the poultry operation does not exceed 15% of the area of the lot except that no restriction or limitation shall apply to any aspect of a proposed poultry operation for which application has been made for a building and/or zoning permit on or before March 1, 1980. 3) Kennels provided no more than three animals over six months of age are housed and further provided that all facilities observe all required setback lines. 4) Boarding houses and rooming houses provided that the occupants include no more than 3 non-family members. 5) Home Occupation as permitted in 7.5a of these regulations. 6) Temporary Community fairs and carnivals under local sponsorship. 7) Preparation of any product of the farm for sale or market as an accessory use. 8) Accessory buildings and uses. b. Permitted after the granting of a permit for a special exception by the Commission. 1) Cemeteries. 2) Aircraft landing fields. 3) Utility substations. 4) (deleted) 5) (deleted) 6) Temporary Community fairs and carnivals not under local sponsorship. 7) Refuse areas operated by the Town. 8) Sewage treatment plants and filter beds; dumping septic tank effluent by the Town or its agent and only in areas approved for the purpose by the Commission and the Health Officer. 9) Earth excavation as permitted in 8.6 of these regulations. 10) Hospitals, sanitariums, sanitoriums, rest homes, convalescent and nursing homes. 11) Home Occupations as permitted in 7.5b of these regulations. 12) Notwithstanding the provisions of Article VIII, recreational campsites may be permitted providing the following requirements are met and the Commission makes the following findings: (a) The total area utilized for such a camping ground must be not less than fifty (50) acres in area; (b) Each lot used for an individual campsite must not be less than seventy-five (75) feet from each abutting
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