Lebanon Oregon Chicken Ordinance

Are Chickens Allowed in this locationYes
Max Chickens Allowed
Roosters AllowedNo
Permit RequiredYes
Coop RestrictionsYES- Proximity restricions apply
City/Organization Contact name
Additional Information6.16.010 Keeping--Restrictions. Except for dogs, cats and other household pets, or by permit from the city administrator or city council when there is no objection by a person residing within three hundred feet of the premises where the animals, bees or fowl are to be kept, or where otherwise permitted by ordinance, no person shall keep or maintain animals, bees or fowl within the city. (Ord. 1905 § 2, 1983) Agriculture: Examples include noncommercial breeding or raising of fowl or other animals (excluding swine, all feedlots and dairies); riding stables; riding academies; kennels or other animal boarding places; farming, truck gardening, forestry, tree farming; and wholesale plant nurseries. [O] C. With Class III Impacts Agriculture: Examples include noncommercial breeding, raising and/or keeping of fowl or other animals (excluding swine, all feedlots, and dairies); riding stables; riding academies; kennels or other animal boarding places; farming, truck gardening, forestry, tree farming; and wholesale plant nurseries. 1905 Repeals and replaces prior code § 6.16.010, restrictions on keeping animals, bees and fowl in the city (6.16) 6.16.030 Temporary use or display of animals. Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, it shall be lawful to display horses or other animals on a temporary basis for purposes of offering rides on said animals or other similar purposes. A license shall be required, however, for such activity, and the activity shall be conducted, in accordance with the following conditions and restrictions: A. No person, firm or organization shall display animals pursuant to this section for more than three consecutive days or for more than seven days in any calendar year. B. The application for a license under this section must be filed with the office of the city recorder on a form to be furnished by the city recorder, with the same information as is required for the application of a peddlers and solicitors license pursuant to Chapter 5.32 of this code. C. The license fee shall be five dollars per day, payable in advance at the time of the application for the license. Provided, however, that no license fee shall be required if no fee is charged for viewing, riding or otherwise using the animals, and no license fee shall be charged in any event if the activity is being conducted by and for the sole benefit of a nonprofit organization. D. The licensee shall cause the area upon which the activity is to be conducted to be cleaned of animal waste and other debris hourly at all times while the activity is being conducted. E. The activity described in this section shall not be conducted in any manner such as to interfere with the normal flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or in any other manner which endangers or might tend to endanger the health or safety of any individual or of the public. F. Before a license may be granted pursuant to this chapter, the applicant must provide written consent to the activity from the owner of the real property upon which the activity will be conducted. G. The license may be summarily and immediately revoked by the city recorder or his designate upon any of the grounds listed in Section 5.32.160 or upon any violation of this section. H. It shall be the duty of any police officer of the city to require any person, firm or organization seen conducting the activity described in this section and who is not known by such officer to be duly licensed, to produce the license and to enforce the provisions of this section against any person, firm or organization in violation of the same. (Ord. 1987 § 3, 1986)
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