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Ledgewoodss Member Page

  1. LedgeWoods
    Always learning!!! Taking on the "chicken adventure" has so far been exciting and rewarding. Started with chicks in early April 2010... now 38 chickens - BO, SLW, Americauna, Black Australorp, & RIR. 2 peafowl added to the mix just to keep it all interesting ( I love 'em!)
    I'm a multi-faceted person to say the least! I'm a wife, mom, farmer's daughter, sister, aunt, teacher (by profession), chief cook & bottle-washer, gardener, free-lance artist & writer, sportswoman (I love fishing-Lake Michigan, inland, & ice- & bowhunting.) I love to learn and am eager to be tending my little flock...many of whom are earning their names daily!

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