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Lee Annes Member Page

By Lee Anne · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Lee Anne
    Hi!  I'm new to this chicken-thing.  I got my 14 chicks this past April, and have since acquired 7 baby silkies.  My husband begrudgingly built my coop and run, all the while grumbling about "I built this thing, but I am NOT going to be taking care of them...".  Guess what -- he now "talks" with the rooster, and can't believe how much fun chickens are!  Yes, he even feeds them.......  We free-range them during the day and it's not unusual for our rooster to come to the back door and crow through the screen for someone to come out.  We live outside of Plainwell, MI with our 2 teen-aged boys, 21 chickens, 2 labrador retrievers, a one-eyed himalayan cat (very lovable, but tragically dumb) and our barn cat.

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