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By LeeLynns · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    • 05/07/2011 - Well today I purchased my very first time peeps! I have been reading about raising backyard chickens for over a year now, and decided to take the plunge! We converted 1/3 of our backyard shed into a chicken coop. I will Upload a few pictures. I think it turned out pretty good. I think the girls will be happy!
    • Ok, so this morning , I went to Marshal Grain - our local feed store - I asked the customer service representatives about purchasing me new Peeps, with that said, I go into the room that has all these baby peeps, What a challenge that was. I had to look at each and every one of them. I stuck my fingers into thier cages and wanted to see which one would come to me. To my surprise they all did. Oh so now I am thinking how do I just pick out 4. I wanted to take them ALL. They are so CUTE, and make all this noise, hmmmmmmm. So I said to the Representative, I want this one. I choose My RIR first - she had the reddest head - and then I proceeded to the Wyndottes. OK - that was a bigger challenge - so I asked for assistance - I am sure that this girls must have thought I was absolutley nuts! So after a few mins she said - you should pick this one - she is going to be really pretty - she had some blue gray markings but seemed to be the shy one of the ohhhhhhhhhh 100000000 little girls in this pen! So I have two of them, and then came the chouce for the Barred Rock - well, I just looked at them, and this one little girl just kept Screaming so loud as to " Pick me Pick Me... well, I did, and there you have it. 4 baby peeps!
    • Well, now I have to figure out, bedding and food, which water container and then the food container. I felt like a new dad.. I was exhausted after this! I was thinking it has got to be time for cocktails somewhere!!!
    • OK, I get the girls home, and put them in thier brooder - I converted a Portable dog cage - into a brooder - we put thick cardboard up the sides, and zip striped it all together. My pooch Charlie just sat there looking at it, He tried to get into it on several occassions - he knows that is his. Well, then he heard the girls. Sniff Sniff Sniff - . I put the girls into the cage and just sat there and watched. They all started to get really loud, and just run all over the place - how can such little creatures make that much noise.
    • I really watched the temp - 95 degrees in the cornor of the cage, but still noise noise noise. So I got the bright Idea.. lets just hold them, until they feel safe. OK - what a mistake that was, About 2 hours later, when I put them back down, they started again, they wanted held!!! hmmmm I do not know if I am going to make it now!
    • So, the first day has not been that bad - I spent about 5 hours just holding them, now it is time for bed!
    • Oh well, what a night that was - I was up 4 times checking on them! they they were just laying on thier backs sleeping I thought they were dead. Opened up the cage. NOPE they were sleeping! well, they were until I opened the cage, so there you have it, my first night with the girls.

    • 05/08/2011 - I survived the night! Well, it is now 9:42 am I have spent the last 2 hours chatting and holding the babies. They seem to like being held. I wonder if this is going to be an issue!
    • 05/10/2011 - I think I am going to be fine! So I read somewhere, to build a little perch for the girls. They didn't seem to like it very much yesterday. This morning, they were all just sitting on it. How funny.
    • https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/uploads/88199_dscn0049.jpg[/URL] this is Cinnamon
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