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    My name is Ed, I'm a bus driver by profession. In my teens and twenties, my hobby was chickens. Pure breds. I had many breeds, but my favorite were my standard Buff Brahmas, and the Rhode Island Reds which were from a local breeder's line: Werner Hemplemann. He had many champion RIR's in the PNE every year back in the day (1980's). I also had White Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, Araucanas, Salmon Favorelles and Brown Leghorns. All standards. I really miss raising them, I sold them all when I had to move into town. One day I will get back into the hobby, I can't now as I live in Burnaby (British Columbia, Canada) where we can't even have any hens. If you wish to chat or drop me a line, please do so. I'm very friendly and love meeting new people. This is me in 1980 with my favorite rooster.

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