Hello this is Leia's Chickens and here are a few facts about me!

1. I love to make new friends, so don't be afraid to talk to me!
2. I've had chickens for the past 7 years. I have RIR and Golden Comets and BO. Right now I have about 20 chickens.
3. I enjoy drawing, singing, and listening to music. I listen to a little bit of everything.
4. Along with my love for chickens, I love dogs and horses.
5. My favorite foods include Chinese, Italian, and seafood.
6. I try to read a new book every summer.
7. I love listening to movie soundtracks, such as the Gladiator soundtrack.
8. I'm always up for watching a Disney movie. My favorites would be Lion King and Mulan.
9. Chickens are awesome! You already know that though!
10. I am a fan of Starwars. I was even named after Princess Leia.

So there are 10 facts about me! Have a wonderful day my fellow chicken lovers! Thanks for looking at this page.