I'm finally getting around to making a page on here, to show you some of our chickens. We just started raising chickens this past Spring.

This is Oprah, a Silver Laced Wyandotte. She is 4 months old.

The two white silkies below are Beatrice & Eugenie. The Royal Wedding had just occurred, and stuck in my mind were the pictures of William's cousins with their bizarre hats, and I couldn't resist naming these girls after them, as they were the only hens we had sporting feathers that stuck up on the tops of their heads! I learned when they were chicks, that they were also unique in that they have 5 toes, and black skin. I've since noticed their crow is quite different as well, although we don't hear them much. They are very quiet compared to the others. However, they are not as friendly as I thought they would be. A little standoffish.
Royals can be like that.


Here are a few more lovely ladies, rushing to get at some artichoke from my dinner the night before. My red hens are named after my grandmother and her sisters: Grace, Pansy, Violet, and Daisy. (Yes, my great-grandparents had very old-fashioned naming conventions for their children. Their brothers were Wilbur and Lewellyn.) My black hens are not named yet, as I'm having difficulty telling them apart. There are four, and I'm not even sure what kind they are. My boyfriend purchased these at the local Tractor Supply last spring.

Here is Princess Catherine, a Buff Chantecler, which is a heritage breed and supposed to do well in the cold and lay well. She is named for my girlfriend (not a princess), who picked her up from the post office for me when she was delivered a day earlier than I was expecting! She took care of her and the two Silver-Laced Wyandottes for me all day and delivered them safe and sound. Since she was a blonde chick, (and so is my girlfriend) I told her this should be her namesake. She follows her progress and has volunteered to chicken sit for us if we are ever gone.

A pic from when they were a little younger, early spring/summer. The one rooster (banty) is at the top of that 'ramp' with his head down -- his name was Napoleon because he displayed rooster tendencies from a very young age and clearly was running the show. He became very loud, and we had promised our neighbors we wouldn't have any roosters, so he went to another farm where he is very happy and also rules the roost.