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By vply · Apr 26, 2015 · ·
  1. vply
    Does the coop have to be completely level or can it sit a little on a slope

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  1. slguy
    It sounds like you're talking about a "minimal" slope - only 2 things you have to worry about is if the coop is not secured into place, it could potentially "slide" down the slope if it gets wet enough, windy enough, etc. And if the coop was built on a "flat" surface, and now is on a slope, you may have walls that want to collapse towards the slope angle if it's not a well built unit - and again the slope would have to be significant for this to be a real issue.
  2. jtn42248
    A slight slope should be no problem. Just make sure any eggs can't roll out of the nest boxes. The chickens will compensate for level when they roost.
  3. bradleyscott
    I built mine on a slope. It does good.

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