Currently we have 3 Lavender Ameraucana. We originally got 4 chicks from a local breeder in late August 2010 from John Blehm's lines. We had 3 cockerels and 1 pullet but I have sold one of the cockerels. We have also sold the extra cockerel that is in the pictures below and will just be keeping a pair, Legolas and Lilly. We hope to add some black Ameraucan pullets to this project soon to help increase the size and better the egg color.
These pics were taken in January 2011:
Legolas is in the middle, Lilly behind him and our extra cockeral in the front on the right with our Golden Cuckoo Marans X Black Copper Marans crossed hen Mary on the left who is in the pen to make our first Olive Eggers!


These are photo's of the original four at about 11 weeks old.