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    Lies and Deceit- A Fantasy RP Character Page

    Banished Aves:
    Banished Form:
    Name: Luna
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Luna has turned rather cold-hearted after being banished while innocent. However, that has served a dual purpose in that she has grown much warmer towards her fellow Banished Aves. She tries to attend to and assist all who need help within the small group of the Banished. Other than that, she is rather calm and cold, a result of being cut off from all she had at the mansion.
    History: Luna was orphaned at birth, under a name different than Luna, and was sent to an orphanage in Washington State. She escaped at the age of eleven, and ran as far away from the horrid pace she could, going eastward: into the woods of the Aves. Starving and weak, Luna was found by an Aves, who assured her she would be fine. She awoke an Aves, with a raven's wings on her back, and with the power to move objects with her mind. She was also given the name Luna, which she took willingly to forget her old name that was associated with the orphanage. Since then, she has lived in the mansion and the woods surrounding it, until she was banished.
    Bird Modeled After: Raven
    Special Power: Can move objects with her mind. At the moment her power is not very strong.
    Weapon: Cross bow and a dagger made out of stone.

    Banished Form:
    Personality: Extremely calm, keeps all his emotions within. He has plenty of emotions of anger, confusion, and empathy, but keeps them within unless he knows someone very well. He relies on himself rather than others, while he does want others to succeed and survive beside him. Takes a leader's responsibilities when needed.
    History: Xylo’s parents were murdered at an early age, at the point where Aves were more scarcely-populated. They had a small cabin in the outskirts of South Dakota, even though his parents preferred the city life and formerly lived there somehow, they moved to protect their son. One fateful night, some teenage boys from the nearest town torched their house, thinking no one was inside. His mother was drowned out by the flames, and his father killed them all in a rage, being shot twice in the process. Xylo saw his father die seconds after the house collapse upon his mother. He couldn't move for days, bloodied bodies surrounding him, moving only once a search party for the boys neared him. He roamed the woods of multiple states, until he met those at the mansion at age 12. Since then, he has lived there, but stayed outside most of the time, perfecting his survival skills in the forest, vowing his deceased parents never to die to a man. He is not affected by being banished for his sake, but for the sake of his weaker peers.
    Bird Modeled After: Black Barn Owl (super rare form of Barn Owl)
    Special Power: Xylo can essentially track people. He can place a mental tracker on someone. He sees their outline, somewhat faded, from up to a mile away.
    Weapon: Xylo uses a silenced SMG, and a few steel throwing knives
    Other: @Frost bite88 dunno if you want to recreate Silver or someone like it from Oblivion but...

    Form For Banished

    Name: Horius
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Horius is very quiet, analyzing the weaknesses and flaws of others before making a move. He can most certainly speak, but keeps his voice to a minimum, as he believes that actions are and will always be better than words. He is understanding and compassionate to the Banished, but other Aves and hunters will not receive a glimpse of respect from him, which is often shown by him killing them. One could argue that Horius is evil, or that he is a man of honor, but he does have hatred in his heart for whats seems to be everyone else, a result of his troubled past, which he tells no one about. He is secretive in that manner, keeping to himself his own thoughts masterfully.
    History:As a child, his mother and father were human. He grew up peacefully, until the day when his mother was forcefully changed to an Aves. She returned, heartbroken, one day, to the fury of her husband. Horius' father killed his mother in front of him. Horius ran away immediately, unhappy with being a human. He ran into the woods, seeking where she had been converted to an Aves, and completed the process by himself, choosing a raven, sorrowful from the death of his mother. From then on, he has become a silent killer, training daily to develop strength and precision, murdering all the humans who tried to inflict harm on the Aves, in honor of his mother. He joined the Aves at the mansion, being banished along with the other birds of the night. Now the mansion Aves are his enemies too, and that doesn't bode well for them.
    Bird modeled after: Raven
    Special Power: Can turn invisible. He has fully mastered this, becoming invisible for up to thirty seconds, blending completely in with his surroundings.
    Weapon: A small silenced pistol. He also uses knives, usually to inflict more pain on his enemies.

    Banished Form:
    Name: River Fleur
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Snappy, very sarcastic when she talks, smart, sly, has a silver tongue that rarely fails her, very talented, secretly cares for her brother Lucas, is glad that Fola wasn't banished, now hates her used to be leader, fierce, snarky, has a deep disgust for her mother. Some say that she only has wrath as an emotion, that is far from true, she just doesn't let the rest show. Is really just a broken child on the inside, but no one would ever guess that. Has knowledge beyond her age. Easily takes the role of leader. Depends on herself. Has perfected a dull and emotionless stare, that completely masks her emotions.
    History: River was born at the mansion, the smallest and weakest of twins. She never really did fit in. Other kids used this as something to mock her with. Her mother never did care for her right, showed her love or anything like that, very imbaressed by her daughter`s weakness, causing River to secretly vow to never be weak, to always be strong. She hanged out with a small group of other Aves children who didn`t mock her though, her brothers Lucas and Mac, and their friends, Camilla and Fola, and sometimes she would baby-sit her younger cousin, Natalie, though even with them she didn`t talk much about herself. Her father and her older brother Mac- both of which she was very close to, died of an illness that couldn`t be treated. Her mother distanced herself even more if it was possible, from everyone, even Lucas. River distanced herself from everyone, even her very kind and caring brother- Lucas.
    She was a trainee when Marie died. And that night she died River was one of the guards, when she found out that the assassin slipped by her she was horrified. She had failed, and so greatly. She ran as fast as she could to the mansion to warn them, but she came too late, just in time to hear the leader`s scream of sadness.
    She wasn`t shocked or scared when their leader expelled her. She expected it. And in her mind she deserved it.
    What really horrified her was when he said "Lucas" and "Camilla" and "Natalie".
    A day before the RP started, Camilla, River`s best friend, and Natalie, River`s little cousin, died.
    She hasn`t told her history to anyone, it is a total secret, not even Lucas knowing most of what she went through, most of it emotional.
    Bird Modeled After: Barn Owl
    Description: Long dark brown hair, cold gray eyes, two huge Barn Owl wings, light skin, 5 foot, small hands, wears mainly leather and only ever black. Wears a black shirt, black leather pants, black boots, and a black leather jacket with many pockets. A black leather belt, a sheath for her dagger on her belt, and a sheath for her sword on her belt. And if you couldn`t guess, the sheaths are black. And the reason she only ever wears black? She never tells anyone this but she only wears black because she is always mourning.
    Special Power: Able to talk to any animal and they can understand her, so she can hold conversations with animals.
    Weapon(s): Dagger and sword
    Other: The only things she has are the things on her. She has a pet black wolf pup named Trodaire. When she is alone she sings, and she is really good. And everything else, who knows? With all the secrets she has...
    Username: @RiverStorm

    Banished Form:
    Name: Hector
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Personality: He's not the sharpest nail in the box. He is very temperamental and brooding, but if you get to know him he's actually a nice guy, and super loyal.
    History: Nothing much. Born and raised in the mansion, banished. He's not super mad at the leader, but everybody else is, so maybe he should be too? He's not sure.
    Bird Modeled After: Buzzard
    Special Power: Heat, a ton of it. When he goes into destruction mode, his body heats up enough to cause pain, and almost enough to catch stuff on fire.
    Weapon: His fists mostly, but he also has a big hammer. (Think mjolnir)
    Appearance: He's big and muscular, with dark brown hair in a buzz cut, dark brown eyes, and scars from taking on big animals.
    Other: Not much.

    Banished form:
    Name: Stephen
    Age: 27
    Gender: male
    Personality: cold, sarcastic, can be seen as almost emotionless,
    History: he had lived in Poland as a kid, hiding away in an abandoned warehouse by the ocean until he & his parents immigrated to the USA when he was 14 to live with the rest of the aves at the mansion. His parents died when he was seventeen, due to his mother dying of cancer & his father committing suicide. After their deaths, Stephen became depressed, cold, & empty. He worked at the mansion as a butcher, before being banished.
    Bird modeled after: pelagic cormorant
    Appearance: ruffled dark black hair, 12 o'clock shadow, ice blue eyes, 6', dark brown leather jacket with a black t-shirt underneath, black pants, & beige leather combat boots.
    Special power: tracking
    Weapon: compound bow & hunting arrows, & a pocket knife
    Other: he has a faint polish accent.
    Username: @FrankieDoodle

    Banished Form:
    Name: Lucas Fleur
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Kind, caring, attentive to others feelings, very loving to River, actually likes River`s pet wolf Trodaire, very sarcastic, unlike most of his friends he doesn`t like to kill, worries for River, quick to help, he can be fierce and show some violence if River or one of his friends is threatened. He has River`s personality sometimes- but he usually doesn`t let that show.
    History: Basically the same as River`s. His father and brother died from a illness that couldn`t be treated. Was Banished for something he didn`t do.
    Bird Modeled After: Greater Sooty Owl
    Description: Light skin, icy blue eyes, golden hair with black smears, wears blue jeans, a grey shirt, and grey tennis shoes.
    Special Power: Is a shapeshifter and whenever he is in a shape of an animal, he can speak to animals of that species.
    Family: River (Sister, alive) Mac (Brother, dead)
    Weapon: Dagger
    Other: None
    Username: @RiverStorm

    Banished Form

    Name: Persepolis
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She has dark brown hair with a natural golden glow. Her eyes are a rich brown that are more deep in essence than they are in color. Her skin is a tan note; a mix between Asian and European. She has a more slender body, but is not small. The dark brown wings attached to her back fit her body perfectly, and give her a prowess that seeps power. She is 5' 7". She often wears her hair down, but occasionally puts it back in a braided bun. She wears a black tank top, brown jeans, army boots, and a forest green thigh-length trench coat for warmth and to conceal the belt she wears around her waist, which her machete is haltered to.
    Personality: She is fierce and coolly calculated. Everything she does is well thought out, and she never acts before considering the consequences. She is not social by nature, and often acts first in her own self interest. She is always on guard, and every noise pricks her ears; every movement catches her eye. She is almost never caught off guard, and is always ready for a fight. She is fast and nimble, and not shy about taking on opponents and prey that seem too large for her. She isn't easily trusting, and is wary of large groups.
    History: Born to a German father and a Korean mother, her family is ravaged, scattered, and torn apart by war. She was born an Aves, and was born in the mansion. She has three younger brothers who took all of her parent's attention. Forgotten and forced to fend for herself, she learned to be independent at a young age. In the mansion, nobody ever paid her any attention. Her extensive knowledge was gained from eavesdropping on conversations, perched atop walls and furniture that nobody would have thought a child could climb.
    She was unhappy living in the mansion, and wanted more out of her life. She had been looking for a reason to leave, and that reason came the day Marie was murdered. Crouching on an eve of the mansion's roof, she had seen the assassin slip by the guard team. She hadn't bothered to inform anyone, because nobody ever noticed her anyway, and when they did they didn't take her seriously.
    When the Aves leader called the eleven names of the banished, she was shocked that her name wasn't called. At that moment, she knew that she had to leave. If she didn't, and the leader found out, she would be expelled alone, or worse.
    She left a day after the banished, taking more time and care to pack and take what she needed to survive.
    Bird Modeled After: Golden Eagle
    Special Power: Agility. She is able to easily, quickly, and efficiently outmaneuver almost any opponent face-to-face. She can find her way around any obstacle, and is most adept at climbing. However, if she is caught off guard -as rarely happens- she isn't yet quick enough to get a head start. She can also heal wounds with her touch, utilizing magic to do so.
    Weapon: Bow and a large Machete
    Other: She is currently only a few hours away from reaching the banished.

    Banished Form:
    Name: Eclipsa
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Quiet, Paranoid around new people, defensive, and quite vicious at times
    History: Her parents abandoned her when she was very young, fending for herself in the wilderness and learning only to count on herself. Many a people have tried to hurt her and she cut them down on the spot, relying only one her instincts and her ruthlessness to keep her alive, she lives with the other banished and cooperates with them but never talks to them.
    Bird Modeled After: Great Gray Owl
    Special Power: Manipulating shadows (is that ok?)
    Weapon: Sabre
    Appearance: Black wavy hair down her back, cold gray eyes, wears a black sleevelesshirt with a collar around her throat, a light gray and dark gray button shirt around her waist ripped dark navy jeans with a silver and dark gray belt, hairbands around her right wrist along with a silver bracelet around her left, and black shoes.

    Aves At Mansion:

    Aves Form (at Mansion):
    Name: Virio
    Personality:Very blunt, fierce, has no mercy for those who oppose the ones he loves. He supposes he should be left alone, because of his fiery personality at times, so forces people out of his life when he truly wants to interact with them. Doesn't care what people think of him. Which is funny because all of those he loved have betrayed him.
    Occupation (At Mansion): Scout
    History: Virio was born in Montana, to a Chilean Father and Danish mother. He was raised lovingly until he was abducted by the Aves and transformed one day forcefully. He was never returned to his parents, and found out they had both had moved to Canada, breaking his heart, giving him sour memories. He vows to himself if he makes his own family he will never lose his children as a result of the past. He prefers not to associate with the Aves of the mansion, whom he feels forcefully ripped him from his former life.
    Appearance: Has tan skin with a mixed skin hue between the darker of a Latino and the lighter of a Danish. He is 6 foot exactly, with an extremely fit body as a result of run through the forest and training every day to distract himself from his sorrows. His hair is a dark brown, and is thick and rather wavy. He has let it grow out some because he doesn't want someone to cut his hair and make it uneven. It is about shoulder length, a little shorter.
    Bird Modeled After: Bearded Vulture
    Special Power: Can switch to heat vision at will.
    Weapon:Has a small SMG and knives.
    Other: @MysticChickens04

    Aves form (at mansion)
    Name: Acan
    Personality: Acan is a simple man. He doesn't let things weigh him down. He likes routine and is extremely loyal to those whom he respects. He will follow orders without question. He is very shy around women and is considers himself a lifetime bachelor. Even though he is rather introverted, he finds great joy in helping others when they need help.
    When he is in his bird form, it can be very dangerous. If someone threatens his family, he will do whatever it takes to defend and protect them.
    Occupation: ranch hand, gardener
    Bird form: terror bird(titanis waleri)
    History: his family had migrated to Montana generations before. They have been homesteaders and made a living as hired hands. He isn't married yet and has no current prospects, nor has he been bothering to look. Being a country boy all his life gives him a different perspective from many folks, though most people assume he is naive due to his simple way of approaching life.
    Special power: supernatural strength
    Weapon: usually his fists, or to go into his bird form to fight
    Appearance: 7 feet tall in human form, Acan is a mountain of a man. Dark thick brown wavy hair spills halfway down his back, kept neatly tied or braided. Well tanned, with calloused hands, dark eyes, hooked nose, wide shoulders. His jeans are worn and dirty, he usually has on either leather boots or mucks. He has t shirts for summer or flannels, Carhartt coat and bibs for winter. His wings are very small and flightless, so they fold neatly under most loose fitting tops.

    Name: Brigid (nickname Brid)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Fiercely loyal, friendly, and sweet, but if you betray her she will never forget it, and she doesn't trust easily.
    Occupation (At Mansion): She helps guard the mansion.
    History: She is an orphan. Her parents were killed by humans when she was four years old, and she was raised by birds of the night. Many of the Banished were her close friends, people that she considered family. Because of this, she's never fit in with the others at the mansion very well, especially now.
    Bird Modeled After: Livingston Turaco. Her wings are iridescent blue/green with hints of purple and vivid red undersides.
    Special Power: She can hear so well that she can hear heartbeats. She hasn't yet been able to pinpoint anyone's location by their heartbeat, but she practices often. She can also tell when someone is lying by listening to their heart rate.
    Weapon: A gun. She has amazing aim. If she could just learn to pinpoint location with her hearing she'd be deadly.
    Other: She is 5ft 4in, with fair skin that has little white spots where freckles would be. She has vivid green eyes and long dark brown hair that has white, feathery tips. She keeps it in a long, thick dutch braid. She wears green and leaves-in-autumn colored clothes and a pair of scuffed yet always clean pair of dark blue converse. She is never without her converse.)

    Aves form
    Name: Igance
    Age: 23
    Gender: female
    Personality: kind and sweet, but she has boundaries. Very smart and understands others
    Occupation: scout
    History: (not really sure)
    Bird modeled after: bald eagle
    Special power: invisibility
    Weapon: long spear, wooden handle, rock tip, tied with leather and has eagle feathers on it
    Description: black hair, green eyes. Talk and slim. Large white wings with brown feathers where they adjoin to get back, and on the very tips.
    Other: oops I didn’t mean to add the pic at the bottom. I needed it to copy the form and I didn’t want to keep scrolling up and down up and down lol

    Aves form(at mansion)
    Name: Victoria(most people cal her Tory)
    Age: 5
    Gender: Female
    Personality: She is curious, friendly, and naturally trusts people.
    Occupation: Gopher(she runs errands for people)
    History: She was found in the woods as a baby. She was still a human then, but one of the aves with a compassionate heart transformed her into an ave so she would be accepted. That ave was killed by humans, but Tory was kind of raised by everybody.
    Bird Modeled After:Nicobar pigeon[​IMG]
    (not my picture)
    Appearance: She's smaller than most five year olds. She has fine, mousy brown hair and warm brown eyes, framed by lashes which are kind of longer than usual.
    Special Power: She can influence peoples emotions. She doesn't really know how to do it, though. Basically currently when she feels really happy, other people around her feel happy. When she feels really sad, other people feel sympathy for her. When she feels sympathy for someone, they feel comforted. She has the potential to have a more direct control on it, but for now that's what she does. She also inspires protectiveness and trust, though that might just be her.
    Weapon: Her adorable cuteness defend her. :p


    Human form:
    Name: Eva
    Gender: Female
    History: Eva grew up in a small town in Ohio, and left there once her parents divorced, living on her own. Since then, she has trained in multiple survival programs and spent most of her time out in the woods of the Untied States researching. She was drawn over to Montana after hearing about the Aves, more so of a researcher than a hunter. She despises the attitudes of most of her fellow hunters, who are often brute killers. She wants to study the Aves before developing her own opinion. She arrived at the human camp two days ago.
    Personality: Quiet, reserved, but has a fiery spirit on the inside. She often enjoys being overlooked, as it sets a challenge before her:to prove everyone wrong. As a result of this, her character is very determined, and stops at nothing to achieve what she wants. She is also humble in doing so. Her biggest weakness would most likely be a sense of naive-ness.
    Weapon: A bolt-action rifle and two short knives.
    Hunter or To Be Transformed: Hunter, but she can eventually be transformed. I have an intricate plan for her...

    Human form:
    Name: Raquel
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    History: She lived in a very well to do family, but she was the second daughter, and was always overshadowed by her big brother. She resented this, and ran away when she was 13.
    Personality: Sarcastic and mean. Doesn't trust anybody. She puts out a cold facade, but she's still only 17. Her feelings are existent, though hidden.
    Weapon: A well balanced, intricately crafted battleaxe from centuries ago which kept very well, and her father kept in his study. He prized it, along with all the other relics, much more that her. It was the pride and joy of his collection, so not only is it the perfect size for her, it is the perfect motivation.
    Hunter or To Be Transformed: She wants to be a hunter, but does she really have it in her to kill?
    Appearance: She's pretty pale, with black hair and icy blue eyes. She wears a leather jacket and brightly colored earrings.
    Other: She's ticklish. Don't tell her I told you; she'd kill me.

    Name: Janus
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    History: came as a baby to the human village as his parents wanted to hunt the Aves. He's only known them as dangerous and evil.
    Personality: Independent, slightly reckless
    Weapon: double-edged dagger
    Hunter or To Be Transformed: I'm thinking he'll hunt for awhile as an antagonist and then be transformed against his will, is that alright?
    Other: Dirty-blond hair and brown eyes with some freckles. (He's named after the Roman god of transitions, hint hint..)

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