The Newtronical Estate

This will be my blog of life on my 3.5 acres in Alabama. I have been living here for a couple years now and since moving here, some things have come about.
On these 3.5 acres is a creek that runs all the way down the fulllength of the back yard. There is a small "fishing hole" to the right where the creek dumps into coming in from the hundreds of acres of woods and leaves the fishing hole and travels the length of my yard and makes a left to go up under the road in front of my house. It eventually dumps into Lake Jordan. Needless to saay, I attend school after work to get my degree in Industrial Maintenance Technology which limits my time taking care of the brush lining the creek. This summer I have seen many snakes and believed it to be the result of the brush growing out of control along the creek.
Well, I got the idea of getting a couple goats to eat the brush along the creek and that would take care of the snakes. So I got a Nubian goat and two pygmy goats at a local auction and the started going to town on the brush. Well now I started fretting over preditors coming in at night and harming my little girl goats so I started looking into what it would take to get a couple Guinnies. I have heard these birds make all kinds of loud noises if there are any preditors that come into the yard. I also found out that these birds have to be cooped up for 8 to 12 weeks so they know where home is.
I thought that if I was going to build a coop for a noisemaking bird, I might as well build one for a couple hens so I could enjoy some fresh eggs for breakfast. Makes sense right? Well thats what I did and now I have 4 Dominiques and 1 Rhode Island Red and they should start providing breakfast sometime in March of 2012.
The following is a pictorial documentation of my newly aquired animals and how much fun and work they bring to me. Thanks for viewing this page and I hope you all like it.