Light Weight PVC Coop

By Lucky7Guns · May 3, 2014 · Updated May 3, 2014 · ·
  1. Lucky7Guns
    Here's a picture of our new PVC tractor (before the wheels)! We really love it because it is very inexpensive to make, yet sturdy, light weight, weather resistant and was really fun to build as a family! The chickens love the fresh grasses, bugs and protection from all the hawks and owls in the area!

    Specs: 4x4x10
    3/4" PVC

    zip ties
    pvc cement
    poultry wire

    about 1-2 hours of fun with the family=Lots of happy chickens!


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  1. TCFarm
    Looks great!
    Are there any tips you could offer, now that you have been using it for awhile? I would like to make one similar, but I have coyotes and raccoons around so I would like any ideas you might have on predator proofing. I was thinking of the electric predator wire placed out from the run?!
  2. cindy parker
    this is nice:)

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