Lightfoot Hobbit Hole Chicken Coop with Attached Run

By HobbitMelissa · Feb 7, 2014 · Updated Feb 8, 2014 · ·
  1. HobbitMelissa
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    An attractive, durable, premium quality setup for up to a handful of layers. In the small coop category. Popular with the sub/urban crowd that is often limited by their city ordinances to 3-5 chickens.
    The Lightfoot coop has a 15 square foot interior and the attached run is an additional 25 square feet. The coop comes with a total of 7' of perch space on two moveable perches that are 6 inches off the ground, and a freestanding stacking double nest box (two nest boxes total) that you can position inside the round front door of the coop for easy egg retrieval. Access the interior of the coop for cleaning through the hinged roof, which is held up by a prop bar (that is also held securely in place with a pin).
    Roofing and all the framing for the run are made of eastern white cedar. The front and back gable walls, and the roof decking are made of solid pine boards. We laminate strips of wood that are bent over a custom glue press to make the curved rafters used in our Hobbit Hole designs.
    On the attached run version of the Lightfoot, nest boxes can be positioned directly inside the front door (the pop door is in the back), and clean out access is through the hinged roof! A removable, washable floor liner option is also shown in this photo.
    A spring tension pop door lets you open the door from outside the coop/run by simply pulling on a handle attached to a cable that operates the door. Latch it open for outdoor access during the day and release the tension on the cable to allow the door to close shut when your birds are in for the night.

    Pop door in closed position. A spring mechanism inside closes the door automatically when tension on the cable is released. Pretty slick!

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    Thanks! We aim to please :)
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    Cool, I've seen coops like that before.
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    This coop is am-A-zing
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    nice coop,.

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