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By molson3 · Nov 17, 2013 · Updated Jan 16, 2014 ·
  1. molson3
    The wife received 10 chicks from our daughter on Mothers Day 2013, it was so fun that Pam bought ten more. Oh boy, the start of a very busy summer.
    We considered building one of the great chicken coop/ tractors we've seen here on BYC. But we had most of the items already so we got started. Built and assembled onto a modified '16 foot snowmobile trailer. The coop measures '15 x '8 by '8 feet.
    Fastened the walls and roof to the floor and fully insulated.
    The "eyebrows" in rear are used to deflect rain from two lever activated doors which releases 20 chickens into the tractor. These doors also aid at clean up time.
    Exterior done, now the interior, which as you know can be a little tricky with a limited amount of floor space. First egg boxes and roosts. I read on BYC, roosts must be higher then boxes so the chickens won't sack out there. Yep, if I clucked that's exactly where I'd be sleeping
    Runway allows bird travel between the egg box and the roosts, is also used for the feed bins. Try the dish pan egg boxes yet?
    It works out great and is so cool [​IMG]
    Triple feeder takes care of the girls when indoors, a single outdoor feeder attached inside the tractor along with a six nipple watering system works great outdoors
    Completed coop, fold up steps, camper levelers in rear, electric and lighting.

    Tractor was built and gets moved with the coop via the four wheelers front mounted ball.
    Drop down wheels in the front of tractor, pull handle and the tractor lifts and rolls.
    With winter coming in Mn, the Hilton wouldn't be complete without a Chicken Sun room.
    Heat goes into the coop when the suns shining and the chickens will be able to play in the dirt all winter long.
    At 24 degrees and windy outside, the inside sun room temp was 85 and humid, the coop inside was 56 degrees, a good start!
    Once we were done with the garden, we opened the fence and slid the tractor up to it, the small door on the side of the tractor worked out good.

    I've recently added a solar heating system to the sun room, being we've had -20F or a while now (climate warming I think) I was pleasantly surprise though how well it really worked. I added an insulated heat tube (below) between the two buildings along with a thermostatically controlled blower for the heat transfer. We had outside temps as you can see on the thermometers. (left one is in the sun room, center is in the coop and the little one is outside temp)


    Here's a picture of the heat tube, like I said, it works awesome.

    The chickens are actually digging holes in the sun room, they're either bathing or trying to escape.[​IMG]


    Floor plan below


    Thanks for helping us out with our project. We did it by using a lot of your ideas and pictures and I hope our build will give others some good ideas also.

    Great site for Chicken Info,
    I'm going to leave you with one suggestion and the sound of a proud Chicken after laying an egg.
    Don't wait to build the coop until after you have 20 little peepers in a box in the house.

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  1. Trefoil
    Great Coop.
  2. chickenboy190
    Looks awesome!!
  3. Marksnagel
    Looking forward to seeing it progress.

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