I live in sunny California and am married to a guy I have dated since I was 14! After 8 years we were finally married and I couldn't be happier. We have a little Bella dog who is our child. She is my Buff PUPington!

I currently have one Lavender Ameraucana rooster and one LA chicken, also one mutt bantam rooster that are all about a year. I had 13, but had some predator related losses. I will be adding 31 new female chicks + possible packing peanuts in a few days.

My coop is all made from chain link and attached apron in the ground. I have one section that is 10X10 and connected to that is a larger 20X30 area that will likely grow. Gosh chickens are addicting! I am also a member of the "golden egg" club due to how expensive this addicting hobby can be. For now I'll have just chickens, but in about 2 months I'll have goats thanks to a fellow BYC'er and this summer I'll be adding ducks (maybe) and a few turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner.

I am interested in egg variety mostly, but also variety in what the chickens look like. I'll soon have the LA's previously mentioned, 2 speckled sussex, a gold lcd wyandot, a silver lcd wyandot, an ancona, a black sexlink, a red sexlink, 2 welsummers (DARK eggs), 2 marans (DARK eggs), 2 silver spangled hamburgs, a buckey, 2 other Ameraucanas, 2 light brahmas, 2 salmon faverolles (pinkish eggs), 2 turkens (Ugly and Fugly), 2 California whites (spotted!), 2 fluffy butted Buff Orps, 2 barred rocks, 1 buttercup, and 2 delawares, plus whatever packing peanuts I get. Later I'll add crested Polish, crested ducks, silkies, frizzles and/or sizzles, show girls, and anything else that might look silly enough for me. If it's silly, I want 3!

Here are some pics of my previous flock before I lost any.

YumYum.jpg When they were babies, aww. Bellaschick.jpg Bella loves her chickies!
Bella makes sure everyone is where they're supposed to be!
Hanging out in the coop
My beautiful bantie Roo Mr. Attitude (still here)
Bantie hens, Mr. Attitude's wives
My flock
The barred rock, aka Waffles, was my fav
The roo in the front with the pretty hackle feathers is Mac, he's still here