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Lil Deuce Coop

  1. kecleveland
    As a child I grew up taking care of my family's chickens. When I purchased my first home one of the first things I wanted to do was get chickens. I never thought I would build a coop myself, since I didn't think I was very handy. Well, I'm a lot handier than I thought. In my town, livestock is only allowed within 100 feet of a property line. Unfortunately my yard is less than 100 feet wide. In order to make the coop as inconspicuous as possible, I built it to resemble a children's playhouse...I'm not sure I was successful. The coop is finished with mostly cedar siding, shingles, and trim. Some of the framing is redwood, but most is pressure treated. I had originally intended for the coop to be a tractor, but it just became way too heavy. The coop is roughly 4x4 with a nesting box, and a 3 1/2 x 6 run. I still plan to put in a sedum garden on the roof of the run, and need to figure out some creative solution for feeders and waters. I may also put in a small solar panel to defrost water dishes in winter. I currently have three red cross hens, and may get one more.




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  1. teneyck farms
    i like it good job
  2. desertegg
    Adorable! No one should complain about that!
  3. wickedhens
    Really cute! I love the zig zag on the roof reminds me of a little german cottage in the woods =D

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