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By Lil Go Peep · May 18, 2015 · ·
  1. Lil Go Peep
    My mother decided that she wanted to go all out on her barn, so designed a barn that covers all aspects to what she wants. It's 36x46 building with a small bathroom and shower, just in case of those really dirty days. Office for all her paper work. Clean room for hosing goats or what have you. Store room. Fully enclosed brood room. 4 10x10 stalls and 2 12x12 stalls. The 4 10x10 stalls each have their own outdoor runs. The 12x12 stall is home to the edible egg layers where they have a fully fenced area to free range in. Think horse barn and that will give you an idea of set up. There are also skylights to pull in sunlight to help on lighting and for the birds.

    Since we decided to not allow the general public into and around our adults, this I figured is a perfect way to show the Chicken Hilton to potential customers

    This is the front entrance into the barn with a side office door - and not there isn't anything even remotely valuable in the office, sorry. It's really just a room with a desk. Off to the left are the individual runs for each stall. Underneath the siding by the ground there is metal sheeting to prevent any rodents from chewing into the barn. Doors are metal as well, to keep the rodents out. Only way a rodent or predator will be getting into this fort is by the chicken door left open all night or the main doors. Even if the chicken door got left open they cant go past the stall.

    This is a view from the front entrance- Doors on the left are stalls, on the right is the clean room, store room and then the last 2 stalls. At the end is a shop, or whatever we end up using it as when needed.As you can see I was in middle of sorting eggs.

    Front area- Each stall even has it's own magnetic plaque so we can keep track of who's in the stall, food, medication if any, cleaning, etc.


    Front area-


    Each stall is surrounded in wire from 4 ft up and over each one, this is to keep any possible rodents that sneak in a way into a chicken stall.
    The 2 12x12 stalls- one currently has the free-rangers and the other has chicks we ordered for next years stock.
    View from the Shop to front.

    As you can see the free-rangers are enjoying the nice beautiful day doing what they do.

    This is the Free-Rangers area. It's pretty large to keep them busy all day, and not completely decimate the ground to bare nothing.
    The breeding flocks outdoor runs. This was taken while being built. Each run is 10x12 so lots of space to move around do their thing. Torment the neighbor next door.

    My mother went into a LOT of thought for the barn to make it rodent free, happy birds with ample space inside for days they have to stay in and outside. This barn was also design if one day its no longer a barn, it can be used in other ways. Most don't believe it houses chickens. It has lots of ventilation. Windows were also added in each stall for cross ventilation for hot days. Winter it still gets cold, but not enough for water to freeze "yet" - unless we have some freakishly freezing weather.

    I hope this helps you get a general idea of the set up - I as well will be having a barn build similar to this set up - tho not as extensive as this one. It will be set up about the same in everything else.

    Thank You for taking this tour with me and I hope it helps you to also come up with your own ideas.

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  1. Lil Go Peep
    Thank you- something's actually will be changed for disinfecting purposes and easier to clean as well- downside to the tho is it isn't easy to clean dust off even with a shop vac - have to figure a easier way around that area
  2. Brookliner
    So well done.
  3. Bnemi
    this is the nicest chicken coop I have seen yet!! Very professional.
  4. Bnemi

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