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By firerunner · Jun 1, 2013 · ·
  1. firerunner
    We have been discussing getting chicks for almost two years and this year we took the plunge and bought ten chicks.

    Here they are as babies..:) so cute - ten of them, four rhode island reds, three buffs and three Delawares.


    SO we immediately started to build their coop..

    It ended up being 8 by 10, however we lost two feet to storage, so the chicks actually have an 8 by 8 coop (i thnk I am not good at this measurement build thing)

    But it works like this, you open the coop door, and walk in to a small storage area, where I keep their feed, oysters, scratch grains. And then you open a second door to their coop.

    Anyways here are some pics! The roof still has no shingles on it. and the run is still being worked on


    Everything closes up tight incase of a hurricane or bad weather, AND inside the coop is insulated and drywalled.


    Beneath the fence is approximately 8 inches of cement and the wood is anchored to it. We live on 8 acres and wildlife is abundant. So we had to do what we could to protect our birds.


    Inside is trimmed out in all red, and their roost is red, with a poop pan beneath them..:)


    Back of the coop and the hens (and roosters) in their run. THEY LOVE IT!


    A look from behind...:) That Cypress tree, unfortunately has to be cut down, it has rotten at the bottom, Tree cutters will be here next week.

    So thats my coop so far. I hope to have their nesting boxes done next week..they are in the shape..of broken eggs...and above them will be a hand burned wood sign that says..GET CRACKIN.

    Also we need to install the door to the run, so that we can access the run.

    And of course shingle the roof.

    Will add some more pics when the rest is done!

    Have a great day

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  1. CCUK
    "Looks good."
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 14, 2018
    Nice big run but I'd like to see inside and the build.


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  1. lwiese58
    Your girls are really lucky to have such a large run!
  2. gkleing3
    Beautiful coop and chickies!
  3. DDNONIN2016
    Beautiful job !!
  4. firerunner
    thank you Stumpy...:) I will be glad when it is all done!
  5. Stumpy
    It looks very nice and what a wonderful big run!

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