Our chicken tractor is a busy place these days. Between the entertaining 5 girls who live there, to the twins who visit every few hours to pass fresh greens into the run (or part of their lunch when Mama isn't looking). During the day when we're around, the chickens have freedom to the run as well as an additional fenced area that moves as we move the tractor from place to place, and at night we shut the girls into the tractor. To learn more about our chickens, visit Simple and Joyful

The coop part of the tractor is 3 x 5 feet with additional space for the nest boxes and is made mostly from plywood and 2 x 4's. The run which detaches easily from the coop with small carbiners is 8 x 3 feet and is made from 2 x 4's, 2 x 6's and chicken wire and welded fencing. While I was building the coop, we had visits from a raccoon (in our garage), a fox, and several hawks. Needless to say, the coop and run became stronger and stronger. The coop and run were my own design with plenty of ideas stolen from the coop design section of Backyard Chickens. The nest boxes (where we hope to shortly see our first eggs) are each 18 inches x 12 inches.





The chickens have proved remarkably easy so far and incredibly funny and entertaining. I like to think that the cheery painted flowers, and the petunias add to the chickens' peace of mind, but that may be wishful thinking! As the garden adds to our daily meals, we are looking forward to getting even closer to our food source with fresh eggs.