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Lila the survivor

By Hens rule · Jun 24, 2015 · Updated Jul 24, 2015 · ·
  1. Hens rule
    Lila the survivor


    Lila is a young Production Red just a couple months over a year old.

    We bought her and a few others a few years ago and ever since Lila started laying eggs they always had weaker shells. :/
    So I decided to leave some more oyster shell out for her and my other chickens a few weeks ago. A couple days ago I went out in the morning and found Lila laying up against the coop, when I came up to her she try's to get away but I caught her and felt her crop... It was normal, than I felt her belly and the area around her vent... Not so normal. :oops:
    At first I thought it would be one of those double yolkers because they tend to block chickens up, but after reading on the internet I found that it was probably deformed and soft, probably because of her calcium problem. I read that if the egg doesn't come out in 24-48 hours she could die so I took action right away.
    I gave her a warm Epsom salt bath and it didn't seem to help. The next day (24 hours later) Lila seemed to get worse :barnie
    I gave Lila a lot of warm baths each for about 10-20 minutes each. It seemed like she liked them and I could tell she was trying to push that egg out. The next day (48 hours) Lila seemed worse she didn't want to move and now the others where wondering what was wrong. They actually came up to her and payed anext to her... That little chicken has some good friends. I gave Lila many bathes at (48 hours) 2 days and had to do something I thought of as discusting and weird.... I had to feel for the egg... Inside her. :sick

    So I got a plastic glove rubes some non-petroleum jelly stuff on the glove and you know felt for the egg which she defiantly didn't like and neither did I.
    The next day (72 hours) I gave Lila one more warm bath and trimmed a few feathers on her butt which often get poopy after a couple days to maybe help the egg come out. After I gave her her warm bath I put her in the coop in the roosting area to focus on the egg and I left for a while picking Barry's from our tree for her to eat. She loves moleberrys! :pt
    When I came back Lila was still in her spot and Wattles, my Golden Laced Wyandotte was sitting under her butt... (Lila was siting on the roosting pole and wattles was on the ground below that.)
    Wattles looked like she was enjoying something yummy because when I tried to move her she just kept eating. I pushed Wattles out of the way and there was the EGG!!! :yesss:
    After that Lila stayed in the coop and the next day she was normal again! Turns out the reason she laid such a weird egg was because I have a lamp in my coop that stays on even at night and was stressing there mainly her egg laying.
    After I realized this I turned of the lamp right away and know Lila is fine and so are the others! Lila is once again a happy hen. :cd

    But later about a month and a half later I couldn't find Lila any where. I thought she had gotten under the fence some how or something but I was wrong. :/
    After looking around about half of our big yard I found Lila laying up against one of our raised beds, panting and struggling to push yet again another egg.
    After I realized she was yet again egg bound I got another warm bath ready for her to soak in... The on,t one I needed! :D
    Than I dried her off with a towel and put her in one of the nesting boxes to focus on the egg. She slept in there all night. In the morning I looked in the nesting boxes and Lila wasn't in there anymore. I expected her to be in there still laying that darn egg but instead I found broken egg everywhere like she laid a shelless egg! I found Lila outside freeranging like a normal happy hen. AND THiS wAS ALL JUST A FEW DAYS AGO!!!!!!! Hopefully that will be the last time Lila is egg bound!!! :fl

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  1. Hens rule
    Thank you!
  2. TwoCrows
    I love a story with a happy ending! I am very glad she was able to pass that egg!! Yes, chickens need complete darkness or it can cause trouble. Super glad she is ok!! *HUGS*

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