Hi I am Lil'sooner, Sooner's daughter! I was about 7 when i was informed that my mom was getting chicks and i wasn't happy at all. Me and my brothers wined for days and we couldn't stop her from getting some stupid little chickens that we didn't need.I went to school one day as usual and after school i climbed into the car and i asked my mom where we were going she said post office. I asked what are we getting there she said the chicks i asked how did they get there she said they were shipped i said ok. We walked in and i hear chirp chirp i asked what is that my mom said the chicks and i said what are they doing she said i don't know! We got home we opened the box and wow 75 little chicks looking at me and they didn' seem to happy! I asked mom why are there so many she said just in case any didn't make it then we have extra o that makes sense. We took them outside put them in their pen and took then out of their box and into their pen! We watched them for hours and when it got dark we put them into their little house with a light on and shut the door so they knew that is where to go at night! We got up a went to let them out and they were so happy they ran out jumping and chirping and ran around! In the end i loved the little guys and watched and played with them every day and I am very happy know that i am older that we got chickens! I am in 4-h and show chickens happily and hope to show them for a very long time!