This is my idea of a reliable/plus free waterer.I've bought some new and used and payed too much.This is almost too simple.I took a container my mom sent with us with leftovers and a jug the kids brought me to "use" and figured out a very simple waterer that could be used with different bottles/jugs and trays.I cut a hole n the jug/bottle (see spot) and just inverted into the plastic tray.Works great.I tried to cut the hole in the jug so I could fit my finger over it to fill.

I should add that you have to note where you cut your hole,too high and all the water will run out,too low and there will be a much lower water line.The lower one will work but with less water.I'm still trying to figure out how to attach the tray to the bottle so I can hang it up.I was told by my husband to try some water proof silicon.Not sure it will hold but may try it.