Hi my name is Debby i live in the city in northern california,but I hope to be out in the country once again next year.my family consist of 4 sons ,2 still at home.2 chihuahuas and 1 pom.1 big siemese cat (sushi).who the vets would refer to  as the cat from hell and Sushi loves to chase and torment the dogs.she is errie smart -she really loves our dogs and knows they are family.one time when one of my dogs was a pup she was so small she found her way under the fence.i came out looking for her,and she was no where to be found i thought some one stole her.so i desprately started calling for her and i saw  Sushi go under the fence and in a few minutes later she came back threw with carnita behind her .I swear it gives me the jeebiee, it was as she knew i was looking for her and she went and got her.I raise button quail ,diamond doves and ringneck doves at this time.my space is limited but i want to be out in the counrty ,where when i look out my window im not looking into another house,where i can have fowl and a goat or two.i like to paint on canvas fantasy baby fairies,fairies,jackalopes,unicorns,gypsy's etc ,legends ,lore and old homes to with personality.i sculpt in polymer clay jackalopes,fairies,mermaids what ever comes to mind,and i trade them off with geneology because my family tree is soooo big.so i pick up one do it till i get tired of doing it then pick up another and i go around and around.i love to garden both in flowers and food.and i have 24 years in print advertising sales ads.