Limerick Me coop

  1. jennifergambale
    First coop ever my hens are loving it my neighbors think I am nuts
    9' by 10' coop with a 12' by 8' run

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  1. crazyfeathers
    Could you post more pictures of your coop please, it is awesome!
  2. Marksnagel
    Wow! I hope my wife doesn't see this. That is a great coop. Well done.
  3. joan1708
    that is THE BOMB! what does the inside look like? what does the copula look like up close?
  4. One Chick Two
    Gorgeous coop!
    I sometimes think that some people can't relate to the affection humans can have for a tiny chicken... unless they experience that special, dynamic, human-pet relationship bond themselves. Until we had chickens of our own, we then realized everything we'd previously known or assumed about them was incorrect. How fortunate to be involved in the secret lives of chickens! Lisa
  5. ChemicalchiCkns
    That is a Notorious Coop
  6. desertegg
    Well they are just jealous!

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