I must say this project has been very fun, tiresum, hectic and a great experience!!! But unfortunately my coop must come to and end......why?
Ahhh...the beggining!!! Just so you know, i have used back all the material i tore down from the old coop only thing added was new 16' gauge wire to build the cages and also 2 x 2's to construct the cages. Along with the addition of the blocks that we laying around the yard.
Here one of my faithful leaders(Yuki our dog, she's even posing for the snap) standing gaurd watching over the yard so the WILD fowls aren't able to terrorize our flock......
First we dug a trench big enough to fit our 6"Blocks, then mixed cement with 3/8 to dust with a soft mixture, filled the trench with it and layed the blocks atop of it having everything properly lined to match our marker line we had already in place.
We had to do some cutting and chipping of the blocks to get everything right since we had a few battles with some Guinep tree Roots but we finally got it done.

I spent a few hours on the roof removing the old galvanized zinc.....looking forward to adding the new peices on the new coop. I must say they served their purpose well so i made sure to store them away for you never know what my happen later on.
The Bare Naked Roof...


An areial shot of the roof....
Random shot of us tearing the walls and the rest of the coop down....

Still working through the dark of the night!
The chickens were moved to this temp sanctuary(PIG PEN)...poor miss Piggy saw our table for Christmas and alot others as well.

Sorry i missed a few pics but had no one to take um....
The fun Begins...Began....started.
The dimensions for the entire coop is 11'W x 21'L x 8'H.
Here we reused the 2x4's PT which is 8ft for the middle post's and started to lay them out to frame out the walls. The corner post's are 4x4 PT which was 10 feet and we cut it down to 8 feet. Everything is prepped and ready for cement to be added...which is in the mix...

My cousin's BF was giving me a hand with mixing the cement...

Pooring the last of the cement.

Distant veiw of the Coop and Run...

We added a Gabled roof style to change it up from our original flat roof which also consists of 2x4's 8ft PT.
I also added some hurricane straps to strengthen the roof.(Will add pics later on)
The roofing is predominantly white corrugated fiberglass panels which are 8ft in length.
I was trying to find the clear but they were out of stock...the white is close enough to suit the natural lighting needs...

Some inside pics after closing it all up.
The walls are covered with 1/4" Plywood PT halfway from the top and Chicken Wire covers the lower half. So the building is fully ventilated.
Chicks and chickens getting their trial run inside until the weather passes.
Hanging Feeders and waterer 8Ft apart extending down via chains.


Breeder Cages
They are 3'W x 3'H x 3'L constructed with PT 2x2 lumber. The Egg-rollout trays are set at a 2" angle for a nice and easy roll out to the edge. Also the door openings are 12"x 12" with the doors themselves being 14" which was is sufficient enough for closing without gaps. I used 1x2x36 Welded Mesh Wire for the cages top to bottom which i secured with #8 x 1-5/8" Wafer Head lath Screw, Self-Drilling.