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By LindsayB · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. LindsayB
    Hello everyone! My name is Lindsay (obviously), I have a wonderful husband, Brandon, and we have 2 kids, Breanna-3 yrs and Weston-1 year. We currently have somewhat of a 'zoo' in the suburbs of cypress, tx. All of our neighbors are pretty much aware that we have chickens and are okay with it....Thank God. We also have 2 dogs (a black german shepherd & a wirey mutt) Her are some photos of our family, pets and of course our chickens!
    [​IMG] Breanna and Weston 3-29-10

    [​IMG] Breanna & me when she was younger
    My Hubby and his 32 in axis buck

    My little 4 point cull

    [​IMG] our hens eating some peach yogurt ( the red star is no longer with us and we traded the BLRW)
    [​IMG] Mason and Lucy

    [​IMG] our new chicks EE, Barred Rock, and RIR pullets
    [​IMG] growing up! 3 weeks
    [​IMG] me being a dork! new coop is almost done!
    [​IMG] I love it! tile floors!!

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