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Little Birch Farm's Chickens & Ducks

  1. littlebirchfarm
    Little Birch Farm is growing! We now have 6 ducks – 3 Blue Swedish and 3 Black Indian Runner Ducks, along with 32 chickens in the flock. Our original flock of 5 Bantams – a Seabrite, a Chinese Fantail, 2 Cochins & a Brahma have been joined by 3 Black Austerlorps, and our newest Heritage breeds – 5 Gold-Laced Wyandottes, 4 Danish Brown Leghorns, 4 Mottled Anconas, 5 New Hampshire Reds and 4 Ameraucanas. The flock is watched over by 2 Bantam Roosters. They all very happily free range on our farm!

    The original flock:

    Butterscotch (Scotchie) a Seabrite

    Hennie, a Bantam Cochin (and a very nice Aunt to Pearl's Chicks!)

    Brahma Mama, a Brahma Cochin - both Brahma Mama and Hennie lost
    their twin sisters to Hawks 2 years ago

    Pearl, a Chinese Fantail (and a wonderful Mommy!)

    Louise, one of Pearl's chicks who is now laying

    The new additions to the flock:

    5 Gold-Laced Wyandottes

    5 New Hampshire Reds

    4 Danish Brown Leghorns - these girls always think that the grass
    is greener on the other side of the fence and are constantly getting
    out of the yard!

    4 Black Australorps

    4 Mottled Anconas

    4 Ameraucanas

    Macaroni the Bantam Rooster

    And the Ducks!

    3 Blue Swedish and 3 Black Indian Runners

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  1. Chickies24
    They're all so lovely! I love Bug the Bantam Rooster!
  2. jldrigge
    Great Pics I love the babys
  3. sophiesmith
    Beautiful birds and great pictures.
  4. jchny2000
    Lovely beautiful birds, congrats for the POW!
  5. sunnyvera
    Absolutely wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
  6. NanaLynn
    great pics and beautiful birds!
  7. littlebirchfarm
    Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments! We love our girls and are happy that so many others do also!
  8. atira
    Little Birch Farms...I am looking to diversify from having only cochin bantams to those who are "clean-legged"...the on in your pic makes me want to say SOLD...do you sell chicks or eggs? live in southern Ohio and weather is so weird...like rest of the nation's. please send me a message when you have the time...thanks
  9. chickenpooplady
    Beautiful flock! Congrats on POW!
  10. LoveChickens123
    they are so all sewwt

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