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  1. Nippers
    Hi I'm Nippers and have so many hens. I think we are violating a law here. I've got 14 4 year old hens, 4 week and a half old chicks and 4 4day old chicks. My hens are: comet, splinterwing, BN, Floppy, starburst, black diamond, Ms. Clucks, king vulture, queen vulture, vulture,Nippers, Owleyes, lily, and Chamberlain. The chicks are: blue, gabby, cottonball, fluffy, muffin, sparkle, brownie, and pipsqueak. I'm so so sorry I don't have pics! If someone would send a link to a thread about posting pictures in a comment I would really appreciate it!

    ( you really need to see them. I am depriving you of extreme cuteness of chicks and hens!)

    The chicks aren't very cute at the moment. They are at least a month old. Fluffy has left me!:hit it's getting pretty cold and I am so angry at myself for getting chicks in midsummer! All of my chicks and chickens are strong and healthy.

    update: blue and muffin and gaby and cottonball are pretty cute at the moment!

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    hope this help's you
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