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Little Farm In The Big City

By plantoneonme · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. plantoneonme
    The little coop my brother helped me build using all recycled material. It started out as a "garage" for trash cans my wonderful (now deceased) husband made. It measures 8ft long x 2 ft deep x 40" high not including the wheels. It was open on the front. My brother, Darrell, made a shelf with ladder to make it 2 levels, and finished off the front and made sure there was ventilation on the top and bottom part of the coop. Just after finishing the coop, we had temps near 100 degrees for over a week and the birds were really panting. Darrell added the umbrella, which would no longer open and was destined for the trash, to provide early morning and mid afternoon shade for the ladies. The Cabana Coop currently houses 3 chickens.

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