Little Fox swap

By Littlefox26 · Jun 12, 2015 · Updated Jul 18, 2015 ·
  1. Littlefox26
    Items available:


    Kacki camblle ducks about 3 month old, this photo is at about 8 weeks. Not sexed but appear to be all female. I have 6 available for trade or sale


    Door jingles with paw prints stamped on them. For you dog to ask to go out or a warning bell for your door. I make these my self so if you would like them a bit customized i can do that too.

    how to raise chickens. Bought from Tractor Supply Co. When I first got chickens and dont need it anymore.

    Seed primer and almanac. Good book but not what I was looking for when I ordered it off Amazon.

    two handsome Americana EE roosters.

    Mixed hatching eggs- americana/EE roster over red sex-link, silver laced Wyandot's. And BO over BO, Red sex-link, Black Astrolorpe

    Items I am looking for:
    Tulip bulbs- any kind any color
    Chicken supplies
    Chicken, homesteading, rabitts books
    12 count egg cartons
    Egg carton labels
    Brahma or Black astrolorp rooster

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