Little Girl, my favorite hen, has hurt her leg. I will keep this page updated as she recovers.

: When I called the chickens over to give them a treat, I noticed that little girl was not with them. A short time later, she came, but I noticed she was limping. I examined it and found dried blood. I washed her foot in warm soapy water, then dried her off. The wound did not look serious, but since it was hard enough for her to move slowly, let alone run, I put some water and food behind a bush, right up against the house, so we would be able to see if a predator appeared. She never moved from that spot the entire day, and I had to carry her into the barn at night, so I went out extra early. During the entire day, she never straitened out the hurt leg.Day one
: Little girl was still limping, I put her straight in the spot with her food and water. She stayed in the same area the entire day, but she did hop up some of the stairs to the deck, which was right next to her spot. Dad examined her leg, and he said that it was not broken.Day two
: Little Girl must be feeling better, she is still limping, but is moveing around. She won't stay in the same spot, but insists on moveing around. Her leg might be feeling better!Day Three
Day Four: It was raining, so Little Girl did not venture too far from the coop.
: Little Girl straightened her leg, but is still limping.Day five
: Little Girl straightened out her leg a little more.Day six
: She is finally useing her hurt leg to walk! Still hobbling however...Day seven

Day Eight: Little girl is useing her hurt foot more.
Day Nine: Little girl is still useing her hurt foot to walk, but there was a storm today after a while of nice wheather. She could not fight the wind because it blew off her foot whenever she tried to stand. I carried her into the coop so that she did not hurt her foot more than it was already.
Day ten: Little girl did not come outside the coop because there was too much snow on the ground.
Day 11: Little Girl has healed!
Day 12: Unfortuneately, little girl has been eaten. :(