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By Leah21 · Sep 4, 2012 · Updated Sep 5, 2012 · ·
  1. Leah21
    I had no idea I even wanted chickens until my town started buzzing with the possibility of allowing hens in city limits. I am the mother to 3 little boys, so really the last thing I needed was something else to take care of! The more I learned about chickens the more I wanted them. Luckily, the ordinance passed! So, we loaded up the car and went to pick up our chicks at the poultry farm about an hour away. We wanted the family to have the full experience…which included building our own coop! My husband was excited for an excuse to use his power tools and I was thrilled to get a custom coop!
    Here’s our little coop in the city! It's 4'x4' with 3 nest boxes and a 16' run...


    We started with 4 posts...the ground is not level so it was important that we had the floor level. Then we went around each wall and framed out the doors and windows. It is quite hot and humid here in the South so I wanted a lot of windows for ventilation.

    We saved the external nest boxes for last. It was one of the most challenging steps of the build.

    This is Dixie, my Black Australorp, with my Golden Retriever, Daisy...and 2 of my boys giving a few chicks a ride in the dump truck! Now back to business...

    Here it is with the walls...we put up the hardware cloth between the wood framing and the wood siding. That way there are no dangerous edges to hurt the chickens.

    Then we added the doors, trim and the roost...and paint! I love the door to the run...I call it the EGGS-IT (Exit)! We went with a clear plastic roofing with grooves over the run and I really love it.

    We attach the roost using hooks and O-rings. It removes easily for cleaning. The bottom of the roost supports are cut at an angle. You can also see that the coop is wired for electricity. We installed a porch light inside in case we need to supplement light in the winter. And there are outlets inside and outside. Dear Husband has bought a D-20 door motor for the chicken door, but we haven't installed it yet. We will need to before winter. I also may have to cover part of the the windows with plexi-glass on really cold nights.

    My other MUST HAVE for the coop is the nipple waterer on a 2 gallon bucket! I always put 1/8tsp of oxine/gallon in there and the water stays fresh and clean. I just have to refill the water every 5-7 days when it gets low. So easy!

    THANK YOU for checking out our coop! And best of luck on your chicken adventure!

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  1. Nardo
    "Tennessee coop"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Aug 28, 2018
    Nice looking coop and good pics.
  2. Anonymous
    "Nice progress pics. Light on the "how to""
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 6, 2018
    Love the "EGGS-IT" door! Have you found the coop space to be too small for the number of chickens you have?


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  1. judyki2004
  2. Tammy N
    WTG. I hope you all enjoy the chickens
  3. Tropical Chick
    Really nice coop! Since I live in the South, my hens get a little bit on the warm side. I use a fan and put ice in their water to keep them cool. I will have to find the oxine because one of my waterers does not get used as much as the other and it is a little bit greenish right at this moment!
  4. Sally Sunshine
    cute, great job!
  5. Heartforchickens
    A really happy looking family--boys and chickens. Your coop is great looking. Wish you and family many happy days of chicken raising.
  6. PNWGirl
    Very cool! Love the shots with your dog and children!
    Sheila :)
  7. Cinny
    Your coop looks fabulous!! I'm going to steal your bucket water idea, I'd been looking at the "pipes" you can get but I really want clean water in the coop and the pipes have to be hooked up to a hose all the time outside the coop.
  8. chicksbunsdog
    Excellent idea! I'm going to have to do the same with ours - thanks so much!
  9. Leah21
    chicksbunsdog - to hang the bucket, I wrapped two sides of the handle with tape (leaving only enough space for my carabiner clip). I used some leftover tennis racket grip tape then put some heavy duty tape over that. The tennis tape is a bit foamy and thick and made a perfect little groove for the clip. I will try to get a pic of it...
  10. chicksbunsdog
    The coop looks great! I made the exact same waterer for our chickens (we get them next month) but I still have to hang it. Did you have any trouble hanging yours by the handle like that? With the handle being flat (no groove to hook on a hook or chain) I was worried it may shift from one side to the other and knock the bucket off balance.
    Cute colors for the coop, btw.
  11. DMRippy
    You did give you hubby a BIG kiss for that didn't you?

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