Little Red Chicken Coop

By recbob · Jun 14, 2012 · Updated Jun 14, 2012 · ·
  1. recbob
    This is a coop my friend and I built, it is based on the old chicken coop on my grandparents farm.It has a 4x8 floor, raised about 2' off the ground. Ground slopes so i raised it to make it level. Framed the wall and sloped the roof. The frt opens completely for cleaning. The top of the frt wall and side walls are open and screened in for ventilation and I built a 5" long community nesting box on the back, with openings at each end. Built a 6x8 chicken wire covered run for them to be in during the day. I plan on a 25'x25'x6' yard for them to 'free range' in when we are around. The door to the run is internal and raised with a rope thru the top. It can be locked closed at night. Had to have the classic ramp with cross bars for them to walk down. There is about 6' of roost inside the coop but the chickens like to sit up on top by the screening. the food and water is inside, i plan on putting a covered area in the run for food and water outside also.

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  1. judyki2004
    Nice! & not so little!
  2. JessicaEm
  3. Stumpy
    That looks great. I like the overhang and good ventilation at the top.

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