Little School House Coop

  1. Ivannapetapooch
    This is my sweet little school house coop. It's 4x5 with an attached and underneath run that measures 11x4. I built it in 2 weeks and spent just under $200! I spent alot of time scrounging and planning before I began building. I got super lucky my wonderful neighbor had 2 salesman sample windows in the loft of his garage that he didn't mind parting with and all of the walls are constructed of old doors I had left over from a home renovation project. The cupola was crafted of louvre doors I found and all of the trim on the outside of the coop came off an old swingset. The scalloped shingles in the peaks were cut from luan I found on the back on an old television cabinet. Really the only things I had to purchase were framing lumber, hardware and hardware clothe. The inside is wired for electricity which I'll run from my barn out.

    Here are some pics of it being built.

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  1. judyki2004
    very beautiful!!! Blessings :O)
  2. EggTooth
    Wonderful! Hopefully I can re-purpose things for my coop too!
  3. Roxannemc
    Holy cow!!Old Doors What a great idea!it couldnt be cuter.
  4. Stumpy

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