Little White Hen House

By TwinWillowAcres · Jul 4, 2014 · ·
  1. TwinWillowAcres

    These five lovely ladies, Partridge Plymouth Rocks, were in need of a home.

    I scoured the BYC coop pages to help determine a plan. Well... that plan was given to my parents and they got creative and did their own little thing.





    Basically the design is 4x8, with 4x4 being inside and 4x4 being outside. The 'house' part is raised approximately 2 feet off the ground and the entire thing (except for the roof) is 6 feet tall. We used 4x4s for the corners of the house and 2x4s everywhere else. The inside of the house uses 1/2"x1/2" cage wire and the wire around the yard uses 1"x2" cage wire. The door is about 2 feet wide, and uses 2x4s for the frame.

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    "Nice little coop"
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  1. SwedishDude99
    Wow, that's amazing! The only thing I would recommend would be to secure a piece of plywood down to the bottom of the inside of the coop to keep predators out. Really well done though!
  2. Mountain Peeps

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