Hi all, welcome to my page! I am new at this, so I am trying to figure it out as I go
. I have 3 of the sweetest welsh harlequin ducks there ever was (Ok maybe I am being a little partial)I do love the little buggers! They are 7 weeks old today (7-26-09) As of right now, I am still trying to figure out what they are, hopefully 2 ducks and 1 drake. There names are Huey, Lewie and Bob. If need be they will be changed to Louise and Bobbie Sue, haven't figured out Huey yet.
I also have 2 crested polish, 1 white crested named Bacall, and 1 all black crested named Bogie. They are 16 weeks old, not sure about there sex yet either. Hoping Bogie is the Roo. I also have a frizzle named Phylis, a Barred Rock rooster named Dommis, who crows at the drop of a hat. A pair I'm not sure the breed, hopefully I can get some pictures of them soon. Maybe then someone can tell me what they are! There names are Romeo and Juliet. Romeo has just started to crow, and does that sound comical.

As of 8-10-09 I have added 3 more sweet little ducks, to the little family! They are 4 wks. old, so I am spending extra time with them, to get them tamed down! Slow process, but its getting there. The smallest I have named Geronimo, B/C he is the brave one! He is the one who jumped in the water first. It was so hot when I got them home, I let him take a dip in the pool. Thankfully, I just took out one at a time! As soon as he started swimming and having a ball! Bob-Bobby my 9 wk. old welsh harleguin came out of nowhere, and jumped in the pool, and went strait for little Geronimo! Slammed the poor little guy against the side of the pool!! My fault, I should have knew better! But I have never seen my WH move so fast! It turned out ok, I was more scared then little Geronimo! The Black Cayuga, I let my 2 1/2 year old nephew name! Biscut was the name he picked out! The third duck, I haven't decided a name yet. I am watching his personality, hope I can come up with a name for him soon!
8-16-09 I lost my sweet polish Bogie today! My heart is broke. The way I lost him, makes it even harder to take! Her partner the other polish attacked her, Bogie just couldn't recover from his injuries! I no longer have Bacall either, I couldn't bare to keep her, she had turned so mean! The sweet frizzle that stayed with the polish has a new home. Phylis the frizzle is living with my sister now, with sis's frizzles. I know she will have a good loving home, and be well taken care of. And I can go visit Phylis anytime.

Feb. 14th 2010`````` Got my first duck egg! What a sweet thing for Valentines Day!!