(In loving memory of my great-grandmother, Ruth, who expressed her love for birds through her paintings and other artwork, along with the occasional insistant "don't forget to feed the birds". She grew up on a chicken farm and her passion for birds didn't take long to be instilled in me. I keep your Bird Guide Book in my safe-keeping, dearest Ma, and I'll love you always <3)
The Original 6: I am fairly new to chickens, and just started with my first flock in April of 2011. All of my girls are TSC birds, hand raised from four-days old, beautiful with unique personalities. There's:

  • Priscilla - a Golden Comet
  • Shelly - a Golden Comet
  • Rosalie - a Golden Comet
  • Omlet - a White Leghorn
  • Yoko - a White Leghorn
  • and Poachy - a White Leghorn

The Second Round:
March of 2012 marks the beginning of a new adventure with four new additions to the flock! These gals also came from Tractor Supply at two days old and are uniquely beautiful. There's:

  • Evelyn - a Golden Comet
  • Edwina - a Tetra Tint
  • Felicity - a Tetra Tint
  • and Penelope - a Black Australorp

The Third Round: A spur-of-the-moment purchase of four more chicks in April made the flock number multiply to 14. A bit overwhelming at first, but I like the idea of having more chickens around! Now I have:

  • Abigail - a red brown Ameraucana
  • Amelia - a silver Ameraucana
  • Bridget - a Plymouth Barred Rock
  • and Bumble - a Plymouth Barred Rock

...More information to come as their personalities blossom.

Of course, we can't forget the two ducklings, both Pekins. They have yet to be named, but they are just the cutest little things and are quite friendly!

I am also "mom" to 21 year-old quarter horse Sam, a mischievous kitten named Turbo, a senior Mini Rex/Dwarf rabbit affectionately known as Joey, and a white budgie named Winter.

I have found the experience of chicken-keeping to be so educational and exciting that it has become an obsession. I had plans on multiplying to 18 layers and a handful of show birds, and that dream may come true in the near future....Of course, the now eight new chicks are already demanding a bigger coop than I have, so I hope to build a new home for all 14 of my girls very soon!

My best friend and I are also interested in hatching our own Silkies, which should be a new experience all on its own!!

Chickens are like potato chips . . . you can't have just one. ♥