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    I raise Chickens -the Polish are my pets, Mani and Czyna and 4 babies! Sadly I lost my roo "Pachy (Pachneic)" over the winter along with one of his ladies Sunna.
    I have a variety of hens (Speckled Sussex, Buff Orpington, Gold and Silver Wyandottes, Americauna, Barred Rock and lots of Rhode Island Reds), my oldest is a Speckled Sussex "Gertrude" and my newest is the Americauna "Viviane". Also wandering the yard are two roos, an Astralorp "Henry" who takes good care of his girls and an Americauna "Merlin", who is a teenage brat! I also have 6 ducks, not quite to laying age and 2 turkeys "Tom" and his lady "Spring" who just hatched her own babies....6 little things racing around the coop finding every escape hole possible!
    Along with the featherheads, I raise heritage breed rabbits, Silver Fox and American Chinchilla. Hrothgar, the cat, protects the homested (sorta) and the inside menagerie of kids consists of another 4 cats and a pug/boston mix affectionatley dubbed "Trollie".!

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