Hello! My name is Debbie. I live in a small town in sw ohio. I have 1 DH of 38 yrs. who indulges me in every project I get into! Luv ya Hon!!! 3 grown children, and 5 grandchildren! (The BEST thing God ever created!) I've been a saved, born again Christian for 30 yrs. We decided about 3 yrs ago to get some chickens. I was watching a Martha Stewart show about her chickens, and soooo..............we ordered 5 cuckoo marans, 5 rosecomb leghorns, 5 porcelain d'uccles, 5 red star and 5 black star. We had to build a chicken coop as we had nothing. There was plenty of time as we had to wait a couple of months to get the chicks. They arrived the middle of June. Just wanted a few for eggs for the family. Was pretty good the first year. Didn't buy anymore. BUT......Last year was a different story! Ordered 16 more from a local hatchery! 8 Araucanas & 8 speckled sussex. Went to TSC (shouldn't go in there in the spring!), came out with 5 porcelain d'uccles, which 4 were roos! Found homes for most of the roos. This spring, I got a wild hair to hatch my own chicks! Put 13 in the bator, took out 1 that wasn't fertilized. Hatched 7 out of 12, But one of those died a few days later. Oh, did I mention I ordered MORE from MMc!! Yes I did! A friend of ours went in with us. He ordered 20 and I ordered 12 more. 3 Araucanas, 3 speckled sussex, 3 golden polish and 3 silver-spangled hamburgs! They are coming this Monday!!! WHAT HAVE WE GOTTEN INTO!!!!! And not only am I into chickens, but I just started making SOAP!!! Life is so goooood!!! God is great all the time!!!