I wanted to share with everyone the hoop coop my husband made for our chickens. We started with 3 hog panels and he secured them to 2x4's then used his pull alongs to squeeze them together and form a hoop of sorts. We secured every panel together and covered them with chicken wire before doing any of that. He framed it out and welded his own 'legs' for the wheels to fit on and we can slide them on and off. He also made me a split door so I don't have to open the whole thing to fill their food/water. This is being used as our main coop right now. We kinda got our horse before the cart and haven't started our coop yet. When we do, we are using an old tree house as the main structure and adding to it. I have drawn out all the plans but it is just too hot right now to start. I covered the top only of the hoop coop wtih a tarp to keep off rain. We move it around every few days. We have 2 acres and lots of woods around us, so we need to start soon. Our roosters have been crowing for a few weeks now so I am assuming that eggs are around the corner. We have 4 roosters, as I bought a straight run so we have to weed them out soon because they are getting aggresssive. I guess that's all for now, seeing how this is my first post, I don't want to write a book. My husband and I are both beginners, and read everything!