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    LONG BEACH GROWS™ is dedicated to enabling urban agriculture in Long Beach, California, and to promoting other activities that educate, enhance and grow our communities by ensuring local food security. The LONG BEACH GROWS website www.longbeachgrows.org is available to promote urban agriculture in Long Beach (chickens, goats, etc.), to educate the public about the benefits of urban agriculture, to inform the public about gardening, farming, local real food, and other relevant learning resources that are available in Long Beach, and to provide access to trustworthy information about the nutritional benefits of real food.

    Part of the Long Beach Grows mission is to make it easier to do backyard urban agriculture with fewer restrictions than the city of Long Beach currently imposes, particularly on raising your own poultry and miniature varieties of animals like dwarf goats. Our pro urban agriculture petition is online at www.longbeachgrows.org under Help Long Beach Grow. Please sign if you can and ask your friends to sign also.

    Visit LONG BEACH GROWS to learn what you can do to help see that LONG BEACH GROWS, and volunteer to help ensure your own food security and independence.

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